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Maintenance and Monitoring

Think of oil, lube and filter with a 1000 point inspection. Systems that are properly maintained and monitored run better and have fewer problems. It’s in our mutual best interest for our client’s systems to be problem free. Anyone claiming to deliver these services outside of an all-inclusive model has an inherent conflict. You can’t be paid to fix the problems while asking to be paid to avoid them.

Shift-IT Servers

Unlimited Support

We are in this together; your problems become our problems. Reach out as often as you need to knowing that it’s all included, 3 minutes or 3 days, we will work to solve the problem.

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Strategic Planning

Our highest added value to our clients is our unique approach to strategic planning.

One of our most senior technical resources will become your Virtual Chief Information Officer and will form the link between your technology and your business. The vCIO assists your leadership team in comprehending the business impact of the technology decisions you are making. We provide unbiased advice, clearly outlining pros and cons of the actions we propose.


We let you focus on your business: winning share, outwitting your competition, innovating in your industry – all with the peace of mind that your technology resources will be there when you need them.

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