Shift IT Solutions provides a wide array of IT consulting services. We are experts in providing infrastructure architecture consulting services to small and medium sized business.

We are very experienced in building small to medium sized networks with little or no existing infrastructure in place and can provide all that is needed to move a company to a corporate best practice standard in an accelerated timeframe.

Shift-IT Servers

We have completed several projects in the following areas:

  • Installation / cleanup / repair / management of Domain Controllers, Active Directory, DNS services
  • Installation / cleanup / repair / management Exchange 2010/2013
  • Installation / cleanup / repair / management File/Print Servers
  • Installation / cleanup / repair / management various line of business application servers
  • Installation / cleanup / repair / management terminal server environment, including server clusters
  • Installation / cleanup / repair / management VMware/Hyper-V virtual environments including high availability with vSphere and vMotion
  • All networking gear such as switches (both managed and unmanaged), firewalls, wireless access points, routers.
  • Setup of co-location sites in 3rd party datacenters
Shift-IT Solutions

We also have extensive experience validating/designing back-up and business continuity plans using both local and off-site storage options.

We take several factors into account such as the size of the critical data set, requirement to return to full working capacity, cost sensitivities, overall risk factors for loss and the ability of other areas of the business to return to required functionality. Simply having a backup does not constitute a business continuity plan.

Shift IT Solutions does not sell software however we can provide fully transparent procurement services with your existing suppliers or source new if required. We take a set of client provided specifications and conduct a RFQ on the client’s behalf and help the client not only get the best value, but the right solution for the specific environment. Shift IT Solutions will provide an in-depth analysis of the cost/benefit of each solution presented and make recommendations to the client as to how to best proceed. The transaction is conducted between the client and the selected third party vendor. Shift IT’s only concern is that the client gets the best value and functionality.

Our Process

Our consulting process is to review the scope of the project and make recommendations dependent on the situation.

We have no preset agenda so you can feel free to come to us prior to having decision-ready information available. We encourage our clients to allow us to assist them very early in the proposed project, so they can take proper advantage of our expertise. Saving time, money and future problems proactively.

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