How Shift IT Solutions Can Change Your Business

Shift IT Solutions acts as either a fully or partially outsourced IT department for businesses ranging in size from 10 users to upwards of 250. Companies have the option of leaving everything to us and get all the benefits of having a corporate IT department without any of the overhead. Internal IT departments can off-load non-revenue generating IT activities to us and focus on delivering internal ROI to the organization.

Shift IT Solutions was founded in 2009 and since then its solution set has resonated strongly with customers. Shift IT Solutions is one of the fastest growing new companies in Canada and was named to the prestigious PROFIT HOT 50 in 2013 by PROFIT Magazine. We deliver predictable, reliable results for a pre-defined cost and that formula is clearly in demand with customers.

Our customer service standard dictates that over 90% of client service requests are dealt with in real time. All requests are handled by our qualified engineers who are hired firstly for their strong ability to communicate. That means an on-demand help session with a live person when you need it; no talking to machines.

Andrew Carey


Andrew Carey - Shift ITAndrew brings over 25 years of corporate IT experience to the table.

Prior to Shift IT his past employers included Pfizer, WESCAM (now L3 Communications) and Progressive Molded Products. He brings experience from multiple industries and has run mission critical IT departments where finance, manufacturing relied on uptime for production and downtime meant severe monetary penalties. Andrew directs all aspects of Shift IT’s technical services and meshes them with Shift IT and customer processes.

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Dave Mason


Dave Mason - Shift ITDave is responsible for the business aspect of Shift IT and brings with him over 15 years of corporate business experience.

He has worked for organizations such as American Express and The Katz Group (Rexall). Dave successfully relates business and technology in a way that focuses on the client’s business objectives allowing their technology to be a powerful tool to assist them in achieving those objectives. It’s Dave’s client focused business model that makes Shift IT unique.

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Our company, founded in 2009, has employees who have been with us for just as long. Many of our employees have worked together elsewhere. The technical knowledge we gain about our clients over the years sticks around!

Think outsourced IT is like a revolving door of talent? Think again. Shift IT is a team game.

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